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Day 9 Detox

Here we go again.... Long story short I am in a hotel and all I want is a nicely made cocktail from the handsome bartender downstairs. Now lets get this straight, it has nothing to do with the bartender, it has everything to do with the fact that someone else would be making it, pouring it and cleaning up the dishes!

Okay but this is a learning process and I apparently am asking to learn so I ask myself WHY? Why tonight do I want a drink so bad. Well honestly I am exhausted. I have had such a great 3 days. Great client sessions, fun meetings and being rather productive. Along with that I started this new "class" last night. A 5 week intuitive writing course. Awesome but by the time I got home last night and then mellowed down (sans alcohol of course) it was well after 11:30pm. Pair that with having my alarm go off at 5:15a.m. this morning, I am pretty darn tired.

While I am looking forward to my daughters soccer tournament and we really did have a nice time hanging out today just the two of us, but it seems that a beautiful ruby red liquid in a crystal glass would make everything feel better. Chase the drowsy blues away and I'd be back to being my jovial half is glass full kinda person. But that is not an option so now I am writing this blog. I thought meditation is what was really getting me through, and yes it is but I can't under-estimate the power of sharing this with others and pressing publish. Not being afraid of what others think and just doing me. Being me and not holding on to the outcome.

And there it is.... part of this process is finding out where I need to step up my leadership in my own life. To admit to myself that I care what others think of a silly blog, or my opinions or where I desire to change in my life, is hard enough, but to write about it and then press PUBLSIH well that is an entirely different beast.

I'm doing it and I am growing from it and that is what really matters most to me. phew.

Now off to a soccer game, pray for me that I make it through the stay tonight without attending to the bar!

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