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Why Folsom?

It will be three years come election time that my husband and I together made a choice to move to Folsom from Washington State. After being offered a promotion that required moving to California, my husband and I had long conversations. It required moving our daughter in high school and me letting go of my business relations and council position. We knew we couldn't make a final decision until I could visit Folsom first hand.  It took all of one day for me to know I would live here. The natural beauty, the seriously amazing connected trails. The OAK TREES. The house we would make our own.
The city was clean, safe and seemed to be anchored with families and within a caring community.

It was many months after moving a household, two kids and two dogs at the beginning of covid, that I had a moment to reflect. My husband came in the room and asked me what I was smiling about. I answered quickly.
"This is the best city I have ever lived in and I love it here."

And so it began, the seed had been planted from the first trip. I was waiting for the pandemic to ease before I launched into building my business again but what I really missed was serving my community where I lived and now loved. I watched, listened and educated myself on Folsom. Even though it was a long shot I put my name in to be considered for the vacant position left open in 2020. That wasn't the right time. Right now is the time.

Folsom is in need of a fresh perspective.  Someone that deeply respects tradition and history with an aptitude to learn from those who've been here for decades. Someone who can come alongside the other Councilmembers and not only create a vision but develop a strategic plan to get there.  Someone who will fulfill the rightful role of Councilmember to set policy and enact the priorities of our residents and reset the balance of power into your hands. I want to help bring the best of Folsom into the Future.  For now I want to leave you with the knowledge that am deeply invested in Folsom, our life is here, our family is here, our future is here.



  • Mukilteo Councilmember (2017-2020)

  • Vice President of Mukilteo City Council for 2019

  • Represents Mukilteo City Council on the Puget Sound Regional Council Economic Development Board 2019

  • Appointed to serve on the Snohomish County Tomorrow Steering Committee 2019




  • Sno-Isle Library Foundation Board:

I served as a board member (2016-2020) on the Sno-Isle Library Foundation. I supported a five year $200,000 commitment to help fund an under-served community to gain access to information and the internet while giving them a library to call home.

  • Economic Alliance Snohomish County (EASC): 

Member(2014-2019), and I served as Chair (2016-2017) of, the EASC Ambassadors. In 2018 I traveled with EASC leaders and other county wide influencers to D.C. to represent the county in their advocacy work. 

  • Mukilteo Chamber of Commerce Board:

I was a member of (2014-2020), and served as a Board Member (2015-2017) of the Chamber of Commerce prior to being elected to the City Council. 



I graduated from the University of  Washington with degrees in both Economics and Political Science.
I have 20+ years of business experience which includes working with The John Maxwell Team (JMT) as a leadership trainer and coach. I taught transformational leadership, internationally, with founder John C. Maxwell, as well as serving as a member of the JMT President Advisory Council.  Traveling to Paraguay connected me to a new level of understanding of how we are all so truly connected no matter what country, nationality or other labels we use to define us.
I have been grateful to have my own TEDx talk and I truly enjoy helping other leaders find their unique speaking style and confidence to make an impact. 
I have had the privilege to train leaders, helping them see the grand vision for themselves and those they lead. I will use these proven leadership skills to create a collaborative and an open relationship with you.
WL_JM_PM08162016_0045_PM session.jpg

Anna teaching in  Paraguay

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Family and Folsom

I often get asked the question What is the anchor tattoo mean on your arm? I am the proud daughter of a commercial fisherman, private pilot and entrepreneur. I certainly learned the importance and pay off of hard work and sacrifice. I lived in Alaska until I was 11 and when my dad started skippering the first catcher processor in this region, we moved to Washington so he could be closer to the headquarters of Arctic Alaska in Seattle. Fishing and all that surrounded it was a huge part of my experience growing up.  

Two weeks after I graduated from college in 1995, my dad passed suddenly from a freak accident.  My dad always told me “Being a woman doesn’t define you, who you are and how hard you work defines you.” For years I wanted to get a tattoo to honor him. When I finally did, I chose an anchor. He was and continues to be an anchor in my life and 
showed me how to be an anchor in my own.

My husband of 24 years and I have had the privilege of raising our kids into young adulthood. Harrison (21) is entering his fourth year of college at Cal Poly. He will graduate next spring with a Mechanical Engineering degree. Ella (18) just graduated from Vista Del Lago High School. She will be attending Cal Poly in the fall. I believe Ella might miss her dog more than her parents!  Hanalei is our 5 yr old yellow lab and she shares her time with our 13 year old mini-poodle bichon named Ozzie. Hana can often be seen on the trails with her toy along for the ride.  Nothing brings more joy to our family than the wags of their tails and their unconditional love. 

A few moments between my dad and I on his ship.


HighSchool Grad Night


Powerhouse - Must see!


Folsom Rodeo


Sutter Street

Vista Del Lago Graduation


Lake Natoma


Turkey Trot 2021


Sacramento Kings

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