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First thing first!

Intentional and deliberate, that is where this video blog started.

I just finished teaching a leadership course this morning and I put out there that I wanted to put out a video. Ugh!!! Now I was asking them to hold me accountable! I certainly can't ask them to do something without me following through! So here it is and it is good... but I intend to grow and get better!

The two tips I share in this video are about putting the important things first and focusing on your growth.

If you are going to get truly intentional about your life and your business then you will have to get intentional about putting the most important things first, and one of those is your growth.

Your business, you life for that matter, will never out grow YOU. You can set goals and reach them but in order to lead your life to the next level, to CREATE the life you desire, you have to start with the important things first.

You cannot assume you will grow by accident. It just doesn't happen.

Get engaged and LEAN IN to the Power of saying Y.E.S. - You Empowering Self.


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