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You alone decide your entire life.

How can this be? Have I actually - made the decision - to have my life turn out the way it is? I can’t come up with any other answer then I think I may have and not realized it. The truth is that every choice I have ever made has brought me here at this moment in front of this computer. Every choice you have made brought you in front of this blog, reading this message. And I am writing this blog for a reason, because I want more and I want to give more. And so now I have to make the CONSCIOUS decision, to believe I can have all I desire - yikes!

The truth again is that I have everything I ever thought I would have because I just always knew I would. I never questioned it. I believed I would. I could feel it in my bones so much that I could do nothing else, consciously and unconsciously but to take action toward it. I was drawn to it and it was drawn to me.

I believe in this power. The power of our own thoughts, I have proof… but now I want something different. Not instead of, but all this and more, different. I want more then I had imagined I would have and that means that I have to start with my thoughts about things. I have to believe, feel and think, that I will have all I desire.

And that brings me to the power of my thinking. I need to adapt what I think is possible. I alone can decide what I think and feel. I just need to decide to believe it. Yet in order to truly believe it I have to trust in the power of me first. The power of my own choices. I have to own this power that I alone decide my entire life.

I can chose any thoughts that I desire but I have to decide.

So I keep asking myself as I step forward, what is holding me back from believing I can have all I imagine?

For me, today, I’ve recognized that it is that little seed of doubt I watered, those voices outside and within, that say “who does she think she is?” I started to believe in the power of other things and lost sight of the power of me. I know who I am and I believe I can. This blog is helping me to manifest what I desire….to recognize this moment - THE NOW - and the power it contains. My thoughts today create the reality of tomorrow. When I can stay focused on that, make that decision to believe, my actions become automatic. Because what I think is what I believe and what I believe will come true. I will be drawn to it and it will be drawn to me.

So today I say to myself….

I alone decide my life. I alone will decide what I think, feel and believe. It is my choice.

And I believe in the power of me.

But I don’t have take this journey alone.

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