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I had this vision. My life contained inside a box. In that box is all I love and cherish. There is also society and its expectations. A large extended family with strong opinions and wills who I love so very deeply. People who believe in God and people I love who don't. It is my life, my world in this box. It's a good life, comfortable and secure. Yet I feel something deep inside, a burning desire to be and do more. I am being called and I am listening but I am scared.

In this vision I open the door and step over the threshold. I am walking toward this energy field where everything is possible. My dreams big and small are possible. This place has been waiting for me. Left by my dad. Left for me because he knew I would be the one to get it. He knew I would believe in possibilities. He believed I would have a burning desire to discover this place. The seeds of hope he planted have matured and I am ready.

As I continue to move forward I feel it. The power of love. Of infinite expansiveness. I look back and the threads connecting me to my fears and the fears of others are dissolving. All the fears of criticism are gone.

There is one thread, brighter then the brightest light, that remains. This is attached to the three people just on the outside of the door. I see that my husband and two kids are watching. All I feel is their hope. Their belief in me. I can feel that they are unsure to believe that all is possible but they believe, without fail, in me. They are the only thing I need to move forward.

Their hope is an anchor for my soul.

I chose to be free and believe in me as well and to step through into a new awakening. What I create is up to me and only me. What I create is dependent on what I believe and I believe anything is possible.

What threads do you need to dissolve?

What fears are holding you back from what you truly believe is possible?

Where are the thoughts of "impossibility" showing up in your life?

Grab the link here: for your FREE gift. This may help you find your hope to move toward your purpose.

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