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I've been working on my timeline. My life timeline, the day I was born up to this current year. I simply started with writing out the year I moved. Then schooling. Then jobs. Then relationships. Marriage. Kids. Then major traumas. I made it simple. I worked from the easy facts to the major emotional shifts. You get the picture... I just tried to write down anything that came to me.

As I reflected I realized all the times in my life I have persevered. I mean seriously there was a lot of changes, transitions, obstacles, challenges, breakdowns and grief. Along with the happiness and fulfillment and breakthrough's. And I never stopped moving forward. And that amazed me. That realization that what brought me success was just that simple - I NEVER STOPPED MOVING FORWARD.

The good the bad and the ugly all has a beautiful synchronicity and balance of movement.

So how do I not think that I am invincible. The devil was in the details of life... the small thoughts that I allowed in that I wasn't doing enough, being enough, I was not enough. Yet everyone of those little gremlins in my head I journeyed through, I persevered. Never perfectly, never ever perfectly. And the proof I can see from the fact that I overcame every moment in my past and the proof is here in my present moment. Despite those negative thoughts:

I am whole. I am breathing. I am human and I am invincible.

As humans we are resourced with all we need to succeed. However it is through trial and error. Failure and success that we learn how to apply it. And I had to accept that I am going to dissapoint people (didn't superman?) I am going to fail (didn't superman?) and this is the only path to success to being our own superhero.

So now as I journey through another transition I see that I do not need to be worried. This leap toward my purpose, my vision of how to fulfill my potential - I know that I will conquer. I've done it before. I have proof. I know that I am ready and I know I will soar because no one can take away the fact that:


How about you?

Are you a superhero?

Where have you persevered in your life? What strengths are you overlooking that got you here, to in this moment?


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