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Lead yourself back in the flow

Anna Rohrbough

I find myself at times struggling to do what I need to do - to do what I am meant to do. Do you know what I mean?

I live by the motto that we lead the life we are entitled to. To me that means that I am the one who creates the results of my life and so.... I am entitled to reap the rewards of all I have created. I was taught this as a young girl when my dad said to me “Anna-never be embarrassed to reap the rewards of the life you create. You are entitled to enjoy all that is coming to you.”

I have the right to enjoy all that I create.

So why is it so hard to do the things I need to do to get the results I desire to get?

That is the question right? Well I don’t have your attention for long enough to answer that but I will tell you what I did this morning to move through and get back into the flow.

I simply put a timer on. I set it for 60 minutes. I turned my phone on silent, shut the door. The timer kept clicking. I kept glancing but I kept working. There was a point I was so antsy and I reached over and picked up the clock to turn it off - but it had only been 10 min!!! 50 to go - I was resisting. This was moment to consider who I was and who I wanted to become. I set it down and continued. I made a decision that I would persist.

Time wasn’t stopping - why should I?

I survived and finished just as the time went off (oh boy was I glad). But that isn’t all there is. I felt fuller in some way. More accomplished? No that isn’t it. I felt...... IN Integrity. That’s what I felt. I led myself through. It sounds so easy... but at times it’s simply not. And I didn’t stop there!

This was something only I could do or I would have gladly handed it off.

I feel back in flow and even more confident. I know I will need to figure out why there was so much resistance but for now what I learned is that I had to stop resisting and just go... to get back into my flow!

Lead the life you are entitled to - by doing the things that entitle you to it!

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