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There is a nugget of wisdom that the greatest world leaders follow, but most of us miss:

The secret to a life of meaning and significance lies in your daily routine.

That means that the best way for you to change your life is not by some grand idea or gesture…

… but by executing small intentional actions. By making small changes that take only minutes each day.

Changes come when you purposely make a decision to live with intention. And I’m here to invite you into a special 30-Day Journey that will help you do exactly that.

This program is taught by my Mentor and Teacher, the world’s #1 leadership expert, John Maxwell. At the end of the 30 day journey you will receive a complimentary one-on-one coaching session with me - FREE. I know I said the same thing twice but it bares repeating!

John Maxwell and I want to influence your life so you can influence the world.

You will also receive the opportunity to apply the purchase price of this 30 day journey toward one of my own coaching packages.

What you RECEIVE:

For less than the price of your average restaurant dinner, here’s what you’ll get:

  1. A power-packed, inspiring video message from John Maxwell each day for 30 days, in which he'll give you small yet significant tasks—acts of service for others—to help you experience a proven process he uses called Intentional Living. Each day, John will give you a fun assignment that will open your eyes, your mind, and your heart to experiences you've never had. You’ll build success habits and a mindset that will have you doing these pivotal things each day for the rest of your life.

  2. A hardcover copy of John's new book,Intentional Living, at a value of $26.95. This book will give you a deeper understanding of what's happening to you and why. You'll laugh at the stories he tells. You'll wince as he confesses his most painful mistakes. You'll ache for him—and you—as he talks about life-changing moments when he realized he was on the wrong track.

  3. A Complimentary One-on-One Coaching Session with me at the end of your 30-day journey and the opportunity to applythe purchase price of this 30 day program toward one of my coaching packages!

All it’ll take is 10 minutes a day for 30 days. You'll be doing small yet significant acts of service for others that will lead you into living a life of significance. A significant life changes the world around you for the better, while providing you with deep fulfillment and happiness.

Significance is success that matters. Start Here... What are you waiting on?

Anna Rohrbough

Your Coach - Speaker - Trainer

When you empower yourself, you empower others.

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