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The life I don't need a vacation from.

I was tasked the other day, in my writing group, to write about my life - The life I want to create that I don't need a vacation from. I shouldn't have been surprised about what I came up with, but I was. My new pals, confidants, supporters and valued friends in this group were not surprised and that filled me up in a way that I can't describe.

They believed in the truth of my dream. They believed in me.

They believed that I was already living out the core of it. I love them. I don't have many shared experiences and lots of time with them but in the few times we have met - they have seen me, the underbelly, the real me. They are my people and I love them.

So ask yourself - "What is the life I want to create that I don't need a vacation from?” AND “Who am I willing to share it with?” I shared with virtual strangers who now hold my dream and I hold theirs.

I challenge you to take 10 minutes and write out your own. Don't compare, don't think, just write it out and let yourself be surprised with your own inner most thoughts and feelings. I would love for you to share, if you feel comfortable I will hold your vision for you, with you, as well.

The life I want to live that I don’t need a vacation from:

I want to live a life of purpose. I wake up with the figurative feeling of sand under my feet. Where the whales are visible teaching their young in the April sunrise outside my window - or just as good, the eagles are nesting and soaring by, gliding and diving elegantly for those who want to see.

"I see you” I say, “I know you see me.”

I am a change agent, a leader among leaders. It doesn’t matter to me what Im doing or if I’m in a public office, but I think I would like that. I just have this overwhelming feeling that what I am doing matters, that I stand for something and I am detached to caring if others like it or not. I live a life of purpose, I am making a difference to those I touch.

When I wake up, I know that what I am doing, the decisions I am making, make a difference.

I see that with my kids, the difference I make with my kids. I feel such pride because I can feel the difference they will make in the world and it is THAT - that is what I want to multiply.

I want to live out loud, speak my voice and listen. I want to listen to what others desire, to their forgotten dreams and I want to connect the dots between these people. To help people see we are all more alike then we are different.

My life on vacation is me growing, exploring and giving. Having time for those I love and a life lived on vacation cannot and must not be boring. I want downtime to replenish so that I can keep growing, living, experiencing and influencing.

I am a creator. I am useful. I am compassionate. I am purposed. I am fulfilled. I am resilient. I am resourceful and I am me.

I give and I receive.

I am a beacon of light amongst the clouds.

I am happy, I am tasked and I am free.

To you, my reader, I wish for you happy sand filled days, anna.

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