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Expectation Drives Belief

As I was actually writing down the words "expectation drives belief" I looked out my window and I witnessed the two "neighborhood" eagles soaring in the sky. They must have a nest nearby because I see them often. Everytime it gives me a moment of pause. And this time it did the same. I have come to expect to see them often and after a moment I return to my journal.

I continue writing...."I expected to have this life I live, I have always believed it would be so, yet I am not finished, I feel restless because my potential is unfulfilled...." I pause and look up. Now I see three eagles gliding, diving and soaring above the sea and tree tops. Then a second later I see there are five! Five! I sit up a little taller, I lean into the window a little closer. I don't recall seeing three before let alone FIVE. And then one more appears and I see SIX.

I sit back and take it in. I count them over and over. And then tears sneak out the sides of my eyes. There is so much beauty in this moment and I feel it was meant for me. Seems so selfish of me, yet something in me believes that I was meant to see this. And I know there is a bigger meaning.

I watch as they slowly soar out of sight. I return to my journal and then I feel it. The magnitude, the meaning of what I just witnessed. I know I need to raise my expectation of my life. And now I know by how much. Not just double but I need to triple my expectations. I expected this life and that drove my belief I would attain it. And now its time to expect more of myself and my life. To take action to fulfill my true potential.

I want all I have in this life x 3.

As I start writing again I can feel the doubt seep back. Did I see six eagles or were there a few sneaky seagulls? My mind is playing tricks on me that deceivious devil. I begin down the journey of doubt and I look up.... slowly one by one they return, turning sideways, exposing their wingspan and color. AND there simply cannot be anymore doubts.

I expect and now I believe I am meant to live this life x 3. My desires will become my truth because I expect it to be so and my expectations will drive my beliefs. I have proof and I have faith.

I am an eagle and its time to soar even higher then I ever dreamed possible!

If you truly expected what you were dreaming you wanted what would you do differently?

What are your expectations and do you need to expect more in order to achieve it?

I hope this served you well.

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With Gratitude,


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