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Do I give up on True Love?

I was asked this question the other day..."When you feel like giving up on what you thought was true love, what are some things you think about before you make a decisions to move on?"

WOW is what I thought This person was really thinking into a big decision and holding herself responsible for the decision she has to make.

First a few things stuck out to me.... "what you thought was true love" This phrase made me think that there might be some doubts about whether this was even true love and for that matter what is her definition of true love? Don't we all have our own definition because we are fundamentaly unique. Won't we also each be drawn to different things spiritually and energetically to find true love?

The second thing that popped out at me was from the statement "before you make a decision to move on". Even stating this means that she thinks it is a viable choice. So since it is a possibility to end it... the opposite it true isn't it? It is a possibility that she will stay and fight for true love within this relationship and that could also be the right choice.

Ultimately it will be decided by this woman and her partner and no one else. To help her along the way these are the questions I posed for her to answer. Hoping to help her think into the decision and be open to all possibilities. Most of all I am hoping that she goes into the descison with her eyes wide open!

My response:

Ask yourself what is your definiton of true love?

What would a true love bring or enhance in your life?

What does this love allow you to give more of?

Who are you when you feel truly loved?

When you feel loved do you feel stronger, better and more able to give love freely?

Now.... Do you feel this way with this person?

Here are my suggestions:

Now look into your heart to see if you are trying to force this other person into your definition of what love is for you or if this peson embodies this definition.

Just by asking the questions you posed should awaken the awareness that somthing isn't fitting. That is okay and while you don't have to give up (success takes work) you do definitely need to look inside to see what you really want out of love. Don't be afraid to give yourself what you need. When we release what isn't working for us we open ourselves up to the infinite possibilities of what can work for us.

You are enough!

You are enough!

You are enough!

Now SAY I am enough! I am love. I embody love and I deserve love.

You'll find your truth when you look inside your heart for the answers.

I received a reply a little while later here it is:


I can keep reading this over and over! Thank you. Wow. It's opened my eyes and heart to the possibility of staying, which could be great, I think. Thank you!

I wanted to include this in my blog because what I found truly powerful was the realization on my part - if we don't define our own meaning of love and what it brings, and needs to bring to our lives, how will we attract what we truly want? Even if we are in a solid fulfilling relationship already, wouldn't defining this bring you closer to each other?

One more thought.... because it is true love doesn't exclude the relationship from needing work, upkeep and commitment. Be sure though that the commitment, work and upkeep are coming from both people.

Love on! With gratitude,


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