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40 Days of Detox and Thoughts

So here we go... this blog and the ones after are about my journey through this 40 day detox I put myself on.

Wine Glass

Two reasons:

1) Detox from Alcohol. Unlike the last time I did this (2 years ago), this time I am doing it for the right reasons... or at least I think. I want to clear out my foggy head and identify WHY I crave or desire a glass of wine at 5pm every day! What are my triggers are and what I might be trying to avoid. Yuck... right? But how can I move forward without trying to figure out why I want to check out rather then do what I know I want to do, need to do, to reach my dreams. So no drinks for 40 days!

2) I have so many thoughts that run through my head... some of them are simply amazing ;). Others, maybe not so much. But I have hesitated in sharing them because, well, I tend to think that there are so many others that inspire and are more knowledgeable and have more to share... but I know that I have a voice that I need to get out. It's killing me to keep it in. So I am getting over myself and making this 40 days about a journey for me to start sharing. Clearing out what's in my head so I can find out what really needs to be said and what or where my voice needs to be shared.

So there.. the reasons... and now... to the work!

-Anna Rohrbough

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