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Success on your own terms

Define success on your own terms, achieve it by your own rules, and build a life you're proud to live. - Anna Sweeney

We all have our own unique definition of success for ourselves because we are each unique.

When I finally defined what success meant to me on my own terms I began finally seeing the road map to make it a reality. It seems like a simple thing but have you defined your own unique definition of what success means to you and only you? Have you felt the same?

I realized along my journey when I got off track, when I felt tension, it was almost always because I had adopted what I thought society's definition of success should look like for me. As I have grown in my own leadership, I realize that when I have had success, it has always been under my own terms, it has always fallen within my definition of what I desire and how I want to show up in the world.

Whether you define success as being a loving friend, spouse and/or parent, most of you will have some aspect of career, wealth and accomplishments, I encourage you to include all these and more. As you think about this question be sure to be conscious of how success feels in your heart as well.

Question: What is your personal definition of success?If you feel stuck on this question, and it is a tough one, imagine there were no obstacles, no money issue, no risk of failure. What if you were not judged in any way. What WOULD be your definition of success in your life?

If you want to take it further then ask yourself this question in all 4 areas of life:

1. Career

2. Health

3. Relationship

4. Spiritual

We are conditioned to follow the path of others, I encourage you to blaze your own trail to find and live your own sweet definition of success.

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