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Day 40 - 40 days and done!


It wasn't pretty and I didn't do it perfectly... but I went through the process and my success came in the little moments.

Didn't do it perfectly? Well there was a day around day 24 when I decided to have a drink one night... that wasn't perfect. But the perfect thing was that is all I had. One drink. I was concscious as to why I was partaking and that was an awesome experience. I didn't just sit down and jump into the habit of things I made an aware fully functioning adult decision. I also wrote and wrote and wrote out what was surrounding it. That felt great.

It was that day I made the decision that I was going to listen to what I wanted, why I wanted it and explore the reasons in my journal. It was that day that I decided that I would ease back in and lead myself through the journey of maintaining this new lifestyle. So it was that day that I decided that by day 40 I would feel accomplished and know that I could maintain a new relationship with alcohol... less habitual - more conscious.

So now that 40 days is officially over and I'm free of any restrictions I can clearly see the success.

- When I have a drink I enjoy it so much more. I feel the relaxation and I can enjoy that feeling and don't need more.

- I drink more water. This does everything good!

- I drink more herbal tea - soothing to the soul.

- I watch less t.v. (it's the chicken or the egg dilemna here for me, if I start watching tv atnight I mindlessly pour a drink....if I have a drink I usually start watching tv and what a waste of time)

- I journal more then ever and my voice is starting to get loud :).

- I meditate if I feel anxious and that just feels so good.

So now as I venture forward I do hope that I don't feel the need to do this again... because that would mean that I slipped back into being unconcious about living my life. Also I really do like a great glass of wine, a frothy cold beer on tap and mostly I like that when I am building memories with my friends. Living a balanced conscious life is what I strive for and this definitely brought me closer- imperfections and all!

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