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for Snohomish County Council #2
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I am a person of action who likes results and my philosophy is, “if you are going to complain about something do something about it.”


That brings me to Mukilteo City Council. Why am I passionate about holding a seat on City Council right now? 


I am a business owner, I am an experienced leader and above all, I am a mother. 


With your help, I want to protect the community and the vision of Mukilteo. Mukilteo is a unique community but it is the people that make it special.


As a business owner I want to protect the small business owner that is surviving and wants to thrive by keeping their cost down. 


As a leader in our community I want to build connections and collaborate with all people who call Mukilteo home and continue to find ways to support our growing population of seniors and tap into their incredible wisdom. 


As a parent, I represent all those parents that have had the same reaction I have had in the pit of my stomach, when we have heard of another suicide, attempted suicide or drug overdose. I don’t want to be the parent that thinks it won’t happen to me, because the truth is, it is happening to me. These are OUR kids. That is what a community is. I will keep asking the question, “what are we missing?” Because the truth is, we are missing something.


I am running because:


  • I will keep the bottom line of your business at the forefront of my mind. 

  • I will keep the bottom line of the cost of living in Mukilteo at the forefront of my mind.

  • I will support you, from that Council seat, when there is something that requires action. 


You want me to represent the heart of our community - YOU.

There is a chance we may disagree on a particular issue, but I promise you, I will listen and seek to understand differing points of views. I will research the issues that come before me and become knowledgeable about the facts. As decisions are called for, you can be sure I will make decisions with you in mind, not just for today but for the long term.


I will take action and I will get results. That’s who I am.


Anna Rohrbough

Candidate for Mukilteo City Council

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