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Issues that Matter

Mukilteo city has spent close to $700,000 fighting to keep commercial air service out of Snohomish County. If the State Supreme Court declines the city’s final appeal in the fight against commercial air service, I believe it is time to put our resources into building partnerships. 


Snohomish County, the property owner, has the power to request mitigation on the potential impacts of noise, traffic and property values. I want to be sure we have a voice in that process.


    1.   We must be involved in the conversation about traffic flow. I will reach out to make sure the signage from the airport is directing traffic away from the Speedway, alleviating the impact on our roads.

    2.   We must have a voice in the noise abatement procedures so that we can lessen the impact on our community through time restrictions and flight patterns.

    3.   We must re-consider annexing the property east of the Speedway, allowing us to have control over billboards and the types of businesses that open their doors in the heart of Mukilteo.


I believe that if we can build partnerships with Snohomish County and other local entities, we can be a part of the solution to lessen the impact on our community.

Commercial Air Service at Paine Field
Commercial Air
Funding for Transportation Infrastructure Projects

As a member of the long range financial committee since 2014 and a frequent attendee of council meetings, I have learned that we are at a critical decision making point regarding how to fund our transportation infrastructure projects. Unless we are ready to sacrifice the quality of service our city staff, police and fire department provide, we need to make some tough decisions.  Some things to consider:


If we don't take care of something we value now, and let it go too long, instead of it costing cents on the dollar for maintenance, it becomes dollars on the dollar for repair.


There are still children walking to school along pathways with no safe passage, no sidewalks and even without striping. We can't keep saying our kids safety is a priority and not take action.


Transportation issues effect everyone in this community. Our ability to move around the city safely is important to our quality of life and our property values.


I support the fact that the city council has put this to a public vote so that all the citizens priorities will be heard. This is an issue that I believe requires the input and guidance from ALL of it’s citizens. 


No matter which way you vote I can promise you that as a council member, I will make sure that your money is being used for its intended purpose and managed wisely. 

Waterfront Development

We have a tremendous asset in Mukilteo. Citizens of our community have spent a lot of their personal time working on the vision that captures the beauty and use of our waterfront. I believe the waterfront master plan has been very thoughtful in its design, giving room for a balance of recreation and reflection. That being said....


I am very conscious of our already crowded waterfront. While I want to attract new businesses and build recreation areas that foster community, I understand the need to address the parking and traffic concerns for our current businesses and users at the same time. 


In the current masterplan there is a parking garage. While it would certainly serve the Mukilteo residents and those that are just as much a part of our community that live outside our city, we also need to continue to investigate alternative parking options and traffic flow now.  There were some un-intended consequences to our local businesses and community members that must be addressed as we continue to move forward.


It is important to note that we don’t have control over the entire waterfront. I will collaborate to build our influence with the other entities and with our community so we can all achieve a unified vision that brings enjoyment for all. 

Give Your Voice Power 
You will make a difference
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