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"I believe in you and

I believe your leadership matters."

Empower your VOICE, LIFE, and LEADERSHIP

Drawing on my 15+ years as a business owner and experienced leader, combined with my partnership with the #1 leadership team in the world - The John Maxwell Team - I help people lead the life they are entitled to by sharing real leadership principles and actionable steps you can immediately apply to your life and business.

You are the hero of this story.
Are you ready?  As an experienced, proven leadership coach, I can help you get started.  I come alongside you as a power thinking partner.  I’m not here to tell you what to do - don’t we have enough of that already - but to be a trusted partner.
Whether you’re a leader in an executive position, or an entrepreneur entering new territory, I know I can help you - if you are ready.  Here’s the truth - you might not be.  I am not looking to work with everyone.  I will only work with men and women who are ready to move forward.  We work together to pursue YOUR goals and ambitions.  Hey, I’m a great coach, but I can’t do it FOR you.
My life changed when acquired my first coach.  I found my purpose, tapped into my strengths, and burst into action.  What if that’s all it takes for you?  
A single step can open up a world of possibilities.  

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Customized Coaching Here 

“Anna Rohrbough provides participants with the gift of introspection - the time and tools needed to examine their inner hopes and dreams in order to harness their passions and understand their strengths.” - Mary C

A great keynote speaker is one who entertains, enlightens and elevates not only the audience but the entire event.

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Keynote Speaking 

"Anna is a master story teller and knows how to make a connection to a broad audience as she shares actionable leadership techniques to unleash your true potential.” - Wayne M

 Anna delivers her TEDx talk below. 

What you believe matters. 

When you give individuals the opportunity to connect as a team - they rise to new heights together. - Anna

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Great leaders always begin within.

In this transformational (free) audio you’ll begin to empower your mind.  

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