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The Speakers Experience: 

Crafting Your Story to Build Your Influence

"Anna took the time to give me priceless feedback which allowed me to take my speaking to a whole new level. You owe it to yourself and your audience to be trained by one of the BEST!!!" - W. Murrah

The Speakers Experience
Crafting your story to build your influence. 

There are a lot of communicators out there. But you want to be different. You are about substance and you care more about what the audience experiences and receives than you do about how you are perceived. 

The confidence to present your idea or speak in front of an audience is developed daily, not in a day. 

I know what it takes. I have done it and I am continuing to do it. I continue to learn as I teach.  That's what makes me your best teacher. 

I draw not only on my experience as a successful TEDx coach but also on my unique experience as a TEDx speaker. But that's not all. 

Presentations and speeches serve different purposes, call for different outcomes. I help you find your style and your sweet spot - not force you into one way - but help you find your way. 

This is no cookie cutter experience. This is about helping you find the heart of your message and build your confidence so that you can build the connection that earns you the right to influence your audience. 

This is not for you if you want to be like everyone else. This is a content rich connection. Less flair more substance. 


7 lessons over a 12 week journey with 3 one on one individual coaching sessions and group support calls. Turn your fear into faith and discover the power of your voice.

"I got you!” I said to my clients many times.  "I will not let you fail, I will help you be more of you!” - Anna Rohrbough. 

"Anna expertly dealt with my push back when feedback left me frustrated or confused; up until a week before the event, the question for both of us always remained, "It's good, but how can we make it better?"

Anna helped me process input in a productive way. Sometimes I have trouble getting in touch with WHY something has meaning to me. Understanding the "why" is what helps make that connection with the audience. I had to dig deeper within myself to find those answers. Anna’s coaching and support gave me both focus and a clearer perspective.” Dawn S.

  1. "The most highly regarded benefit was in letting go of the fears which I was unaware of which were holding me back in my personal and professional life.  If you are questioning your decision to work with Anna all I have to say is - OMG go do it! What an incredible experience. You could not ever experience more love and acceptance during your journey. You will feel empowered and realize that it is not as scary of a world out there as once thought. You can shine! You will be empowered to find your voice and share your experience."  - Karla H.

"Spending time with Anna really helped me grow as a person and a speaker. The first time we talked, she said that she would be there for me throughout the process, and she really stayed true to that.

I worried that I would go through the process on my own, and that Anna, as a coach, would only be around to answer the occasional question. I found that I could look to her for much more." - Radhika D.

12 week journey includes:
7 lessons + 6 group question and answer calls.
3 or more individual coaching sessions.
1 Video submission week and feedback.
1 Final presentation and speech delivery day!
Begins the Week of June 5th. We work around your schedule with video lessons and individual scheduled coaching sessions.
Culminates the week of August 23rd with the delivery of your presentation and celebration.
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