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Creating transparency around staffing and retention in both the police department and our fire department so that we can meet our community's high expectations.


STAFFING: People are surprised to hear that our Police department has five beats in our city, yet only four are being patrolled at one time, straining our resources. Will it be your area that is not covered the one time you need support? Our officers will get to you as fast as they can but will they come from across the city or locally? Our officers are incredible but can't be in two places at once. It's up to our Council members to prioritize public safety in our budget. Will you help elect the one candidate in District 5, Anna Rohrbough, who will not just talk about the problem but will actually take action?

TRAFFIC: Traffic violations, speeding, red light runners and a few too many late-night drag races are becoming too common. We must provide the resources our patrol officers need to be out on the streets and enforce the laws that protect our kids and us. Targeted enforcement has proven to work. Yet we don't give our PD the resources they need to manage it. In 2006 our police department had 93 officers. Today we have 80. That is 13 fewer officers despite the growth of 20,000 more people. We can't wait to remedy this!

HOMELESS: I strongly support our Crime Suppression Unit as they continue to help our homeless population and prevent criminal activity. While canvassing, our residents have made it clear they do not want homeless near our schools, parks, or trails. We need to help those that need and want our help with the resources available. At the same time, we can't enable nor tolerate criminal activity in our city. I will help protect our families and quality of life while searching for answers and resources for our homeless.

My number one priority is the safety of our residents, businesses and community. I will not just talk the talk; I will prioritize our budget around your priorities.


The benefits of living in Folsom are in an extremely fragile state.  It will require visionary leadership and stewardship to bring the best of Folsom forward.

I am ready to work for you and I humbly ask for your vote in November. ~ Anna


Working to make continuous improvements to our infrastructure so that the benefits we have come to appreciate will be even better in the future.

WATER: While we need better management of water sources at all levels of government, I will focus on working toward creating more water storage locally as I work regionally and diligently to protect our own city's access to our water supply.

TRAILS: We are known for our trails, but our trails are getting older and we can now visually see their decline. We need to make sure we can prioritize their maintenance before we add additional parks. I will work so both can happen in the future. Let's not forget the Oak Trees we can see from many of our trails. We need strong stewards to protect their majestic beauty in our future.

GROWTH: Managing the impact of the development South of 50 will be an ongoing priority. Looking at ways to bring the right services to the Folsom Plan area to support the residents is a necessity. Adding amenities that draw the entirety of Folsom to frequent the Folsom Plan area would bring in needed revenue and more dining and shopping options and would also alleviate the burden of increased traffic elsewhere.


HOUSING: The unfunded mandates from the state to provide more affordable housing are real. People are upset about the increase in traffic and the strain on our city services as this happens. I agree with those I've spoken to on this issue - adding a lot of low-density homes increase our growing traffic problem. We need to be more creative and focus on the right locations for these new projects that impact our current residents.

Whether protecting our oak trees or paving safer pathways, I am committed to ensuring our infrastructure can support our growth, from the water supply and waterways to the parkways. 



Create opportunities for economic development partnerships that will continue to support our city, residents and business owners.

GROWING AND SUPPORTING OUR BUSINESSES:  We need to work with local partners to ensure the city is doing what it can to provide the appropriate development to encourage the right retail stores and restaurants to fill our empty buildings. We already have great commercial locations that would work for many different-sized companies to make their home in Folsom. We must ensure we continually work toward attracting and supporting them to increase our city's revenue. Folsom is the perfect place for those who want to work and play in the same city they sleep.

BUILD ON FOLSOM'S STRENGTHS: "The riverfront areas of Folsom are great assets that are currently underutilized." as stated in our General Plan. Yet our river access is limited. We need to build on our strengths as a community. I fully support and will work with our committee to help shepherd the River District plan forward, work with regional partners and engage with the entire community in the progress. Imagine a boat house you can rent paddleboards or kayaks from right on the river. Maybe a water taxi. Better fishing access to teach your kids how to cast and put on bait. Or perhaps you can imagine an amphitheater that, while sipping on that cool glass of wine, feel the cool breeze at sunset as you listen to the music cascading over the river. Whatever you envision, I will listen and make sure your desires are represented.

Read the brief synopsis on the River District in our General Plan HERE.

THE JOHNNY CASH ART TRAIL: This is an amazing project that absolutely must move forward in a much more timely manner. If you haven't visited the Johnny Cash Art Trail website I highly encourage you take a look. Click HERE to visit. To continue this project, we need a council that will direct the staff to look for all kinds of different funding sources and continue to empower and bring attention to this project. I, as a council member, will engage with the community and businesses to look for sponsors and any creative ways to fund these art pieces.


We have such a unique and dynamic history and it's time that we capitalize on our very good name. It's time for some new energy and a fresh perspective. Vote Anna Rohrbough Folsom District 5.

Below are the city survey results presented at the June 28th, 2022 Council meeting. The priorities of our residents are clear. What this doesn't tell us is that despite Public Safety being the overwhelming priority, the staffing and training of our departments has drastically decreased. This has got to stop! You said you wanted a safe and clean city with improved infrastructure; not only did I hear you but I will be your advocate on this Council.

Leading Folsom Into the Future


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