Creating transparency around staffing and retention in both the police department and our fire department so that we can meet our community's high expectations. I strongly support our Crime Suppression Unit so that they can continue to help our homeless population and prevent criminal activity.

My number one priority is the safety of our residents, businesses and community. I will not just talk the talk; I will prioritize our budget around your priorities.


Working to make continued improvement to our infrastructure so that the benefits we have come to appreciate will be even better in the future, from the water supply and waterways to the parkways. Whether protecting our oak trees or paving safer pathways, I am committed to ensuring our infrastructure can support our growth.



Creating opportunities for economic development partnerships that will continue to support our city, residents and business owners. There needs to be a vision and a strategic plan to support our entire community so that we can fill up our empty buildings with people who want to work, sleep and play in Folsom.

The benefits of living in Folsom are in an extremely fragile state.  It will require visionary leadership and stewardship to bring the best of Folsom forward.

I am ready to work for you and I humbly ask for your vote in November. ~ Anna

Below are the city survey results presented at the June 28th, 2022 Council meeting. The priorities of our residents are clear. What this doesn't tell us is that despite Public Safety being the overwhelming priority, the staffing and training of our departments has drastically decreased. This has got to stop! You said you wanted a safe and clean city with improved infrastructure; not only did I hear you but I will be your advocate on this Council.

Leading Folsom Into the Future