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I highly recommend Anna for your coaching needs. Anna was very powerful with her timely thought provoking questions and especially her timely observations during our coaching sessions.  Anna did a very good job of tying the two aspects together and then asking the questions necessary for me to take a better look inside myself and my approach to my situation. 

During the period that Anna coached me, I was in an immense transition in my business life. I had recently started a new company and had just moved it and my family from the east coast to the Southwest United States. She coached me through these new changes by helping me see what my goals going forward would look like. She celebrated with me my victories and kept me aware of what I requested to be accountable for during this ongoing transition. 

Anna was especially helpful in getting me to see what steps would be required of me to get my  business recognized though networking and marketing in the local area.  I am truly indebted to her for her great help in allowing me to find the needed answers during our time together.    Anna has my highest recommendation as a coach; she will masterfully coach you through the transitions and changes in your business or life. - Rob M.


I wasn't sure if I was ready to deal with my issues realistically. Fortunately I was able to feel really comfortable with Anna right away and get to the heart of my issues without outright "facing" them. They just emerged through what felt like casual conversation.  It doesn't really feel like a "session" yet it always ends up being productive. I received a clearer perspective and focus. I have learned to feel less guilt and stop trying to take responsibility for things that aren't in my control. I feel like my relationships have improved also. I'm more true to myself, which is 

worth a million to me.   - Germaine H.



I enjoyed how Anna gave me the tools to figure out what I needed to do to achieve my goals and also she gave me my confidence back which was wavering during this transition. Working with Anna was a delight and she understood exactly what I needed to achieve in a time frame that worked for us both. She gently guided me through the process and gave me the confidence I needed through a 

transition. I would highly 

recommend her to anyone. 

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