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Together we will make Snohomish County the SAFEST, most prosperous county in the state. 

“It is the people, not politics, that will drive Snohomish County forward as the best county to live, work and play in our state.”   

- Anna Rohrbough

I believe.........


I believe in the power of individual choice and free think, not group think. 

I believe in lean government, not big government.

I believe in people.

I believe in hard work and self-discipline.

I believe in abiding by the rule of the law and having consequences for those who don’t.

I believe in the power of giving back and the pride it brings.

I believe in helping those that can’t help themselves by giving them a hand.

I believe no one who is mentally ill should be sleeping on our streets.

I believe in creating opportunities for jobs and building wealth.

I believe that no one should be discriminated against.

I believe capitalism has gotten more people out of poverty than any other political economic system, ever.

I believe that a government’s No. 1 role is to protect the rights of its citizens.

I believe character and words absolutely matter. I will not let other people’s character and words define me and the values I stand on, be it President Trump, those who think I am not Republican enough or those that think all people are defined by one.  I would never, nor will I ever, blame an entire group of people for the actions of one.

I believe Democrats and Republicans are more alike than different.

I believe we need more civil discourse not less. 

I believe we are all better when we can listen more and talk less.

I was unanimously elected as vice chair of my city council, made up predominately of Democrats. I am not interested in party politics. I am interested in protecting the future of this county by working through all politics.


I will work to remedy the obstacles you face at your front door, whether in Everett, Tulalip or Mukilteo. I am anchored in our future.


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Anchored in Snohomish County’s Future