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Rohrbough will do what’s right on county council


I am voting for Anna Rohrbough. Why? 

Anna is the only candidate running for election who truly isn’t party affiliated. Now is the time for someone who doesn’t align themselves with the left or right, but stands for what is best for the people.

I have heard Anna speak several times and what I have walked away with is this: Anna listens to her constituents and governs according to what is right for everyone not just the few. She stands on community, family, work and safety.

Anna is deeply rooted in community as she currently serves on the Mukilteo City Council and has fought and won tax savings for its residents.

As a wife and mother, Anna brought forth a resolution and adopted a policy, which increased awareness and access to help, for those in crisis.

As a retired military member and a former civil servant employee, I personally have witnessed the reduction in skilled-labor jobs. Too much emphasis was made in my era on academia vs. skilled labor, creating a huge gap. Anna wants to focus on bridging the gaps in our skilled work force through more education for skilled-labor wage jobs.

Finally, Anna has heard my personal plea for the need of a local dual-diagnosis center with longer treatment cycles for those that are addicted to opiates. Imagine how it would be to have both safe and drug free neighborhoods?

Anna stands for what is best for the people! I am voting Anna Rohrbough.

Karen Koenig 


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