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Mukilteo had a candidate forum and here is your chance to view Anna and her opponent as they answer questions.


Taken from @annaforcounty facebook post that exceeded 13,000 reaches and growing. Posted on Tuesday Oct 1st, 2019.  Pictures taken Sept 30th.

These pictures speak loud. 
Don’t assume we went looking for these - it’s just there, in plain sight for all of us to see. 

I had the privilege of going on a ride along with deputy sheriff’s last night. 
The first man was arrested. The deputy pulled out the bag of Meth and the suspect immediately said “You can’t arrest me for that it’s less than 2 grams!” He was right I was told. He did get booked but he will be let go despite the Meth. 

While sitting at the jail waiting for the deputy to fill out the report another police officer came in. Woman brought in, assault and possession of drugs. It came back as 2.6 grams and the corrections officer who stopped in let out a huge sigh of relief saying “It makes you think about how many crimes they committed to get to this place now.” It struck me as a statement. Finally a suspect would be held accountable.

Sharing the reality of what we face in this county is never about creating fear, it is about sharing the truth so we can map out a course to change it. We must make it uncomfortable to do drugs and commit crimes. We must do better and learn from our southern neighbor. 

We must do better for all the parents who had to stop enabling criminal behavior in their home. We must do better for them and stop enabling it in our streets. 

I hope this is clear enough to follow. I really care about this. 

Now to the homeless camp. It is literally 30 feet to the sidewalk across from Home Depot (120th and Airport Rd near Everett). Do not go looking though. There are open needles, rats, filth, human feces - everywhere. Pictures say it best. Video shows proximity best. There was a homicide a week ago in this camp. Did you know that? A HOMICIDE.... it’s not too uncommon apparently. 

I asked one of the 4 deputies I was with if these homeless turn to drugs or do they become homeless living in these camps because of drugs?
He answered with authority -

“100% of those living in these camps are homeless because of drugs.” 100%. 

There is a growing population of abled bodied, homeless drug addicts who are committing crimes to feed their habit. When we are open to see the truth - we can see the truth. If we want to deny it - we continue to enable it. 

I can never not see again. 

How is it compassion to let them live in this environment and commit crimes to feed their habit. How is that compassion! 
We must leverage enforcement into care or consequences. We must disrupt and not enable this behavior. 

There is not just one solution but we do need someone who is willing to be open to all solutions and face reality. We need someone who will fight through the obstacles to make a difference to these peoples lives. And we must elect someone who will protect those victims being criminalized. 

P.S. our deputies are authoritative but compassionate. Time after time I saw grace given. Please give them your support whenever you see them.


Watch Anna and her opponent answer some important questions for this county.

If you are focused just on the Council race here are the times you can visit:

Opening: Min 30:55 Sec

Tribe and Opioid: 50:15

Question to Opponent: 1:07:40

Closing: 1:18

Business Crime.png
County Council candidate Rohrbough one of the ‘good people’

In Response to Mike Shouse’s letter to the editor (“We need good people to run for state, national office,” The Herald, Aug. 28): There are good people running for office who can make a difference and represent everyone. 

County Council candidate Anna Rohrbough is one of those people. She very much cares about Snohomish County and is very concerned about its health and welfare. Her honesty and integrity are something that we should not let slip through our fingers. She is not known for being “the best of the best” for nothing.

Please support and vote for Anna for Snohomish County Council, District 2.     Alfred I. Jubie  Mukilteo

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