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County Council, Dist. 2: Rohrbough for strong communities


Anna Rohrbough, the top candidate for the Snohomish County Council for Position 2, deserves your vote because she is a woman of integrity. 

I got to know Anna on the sidelines of a soccer field. Over the years, as our boys played, we would have long chats about life, how to raise morally responsible children, how to handle difficult situations at work, how to live on a budget, and so on. I learned that Anna carefully considers all angles of a dilemma and strives for excellence in all situations, not just for herself, but for all of those involved. She truly wants others to reach their full potential.

As a leadership coach, Anna has helped many people on that journey, including myself. Several years ago, I discussed my vision for a new company with her. At the time, the dream was dauntingly overwhelming to me. She sensed my fears, encouraged me to get the company registered and told me that she would hold the dream until I was able to fully embrace it. As my company grows, I still rely on her business acumen and advice.

Anna understands what is needed to create environments where families and businesses can thrive. That in turn, creates strong communities.

With Anna’s determination and integrity she will lead our Snohomish County community to be better and stronger. I urge you to vote for her.

Debby Mycroft   Mukilteo

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