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Mukilteo City Council Vice President Anna Rohrbough is announcing her intention to run for Snohomish County Council Position 2, citing her desire to focus on common sense solutions that put people over politics. Her priorities are jobs and public safety. Anna will focus on the causes of drug abuse and making sure Snohomish County is a priority for additional transportation funding, both are issues that feed into the ability of the businesses and educational services to create jobs that support a real sense of belonging and prosperity to the people Everett, Tulalip and Mukilteo. 


Anna comes with elected experience and has proven herself as a pragmatic leader. She was unanimously elected as the Vice President of the Mukilteo City Council in her second year. Council President Chris Cook said of Anna’s leadership skills, “She not only comes prepared with the information but also with an open mind and willingness to collaborate to find the best solutions to move forward. She is honest, authentic and above all has a deep desire to help others be successful.” Anna has proven she knows how to decipher, prioritize and make sound financial decisions for those she is elected to represent.


Anna has over 20 years of business experience including a John Maxwell Leadership Team Trainer, a TEDx speaker and Mom. As an avid supporter of business she has served on the Board of the Mukilteo Chamber of Commerce and had the pleasure to Chair the Economic Alliance Snohomish County Ambassadors (EASC) for several years. In 2018 Anna had the opportunity to travel with EASC leaders and county wide influencers to D.C. to represent the county in their advocacy work. Serving as a board member on the Sno-Isle Library Foundation, Anna voted to support a five year $200,000 commitment to help fund the Mariner library off 128th in Everett, not only giving them a library to call home but access to the tools needed to succeed in today’s high tech world.


Faced with telling the truth or going along with the status quo, Anna has proven she will fight to put people over politics. Early in her elected experience Anna fought to keep the Mukilteo fire department local while committing to maintain a high level of service. The cost would have exceeded $750/yr for each homeowner based on an average home value in Mukilteo. Anna said “I did not feel the benefits would come close to $750-$1000 out of pocket additional cost for each individual homeowner a year, especially for the estimated 25% senior population we have in our community. Many talk about affordable housing but seem to forget about the impact of rising costs on our seniors.” Amongst pressure she brought not only transparency but common sense to this decision.


Throughout Snohomish County Anna continues to hear the call for safety and educational opportunities to fill the gaps in our workforce. “The prosperity of all of our residents is intrinsically tied to these issues. We must continue to equip our protectors and helpers with the resources they need to help those who continue to hurt in our community. As we grow and expand our horizons on many fronts we cannot lose sight of the fundamental need that public safety plays in the ability of our businesses and individuals to prosper in Snohomish County.”  


It’s not just traffic, housing or conservation that Anna believes needs our focus. It is jobs, vocational education and public safety that must be priorities so that Snohomish County may continue to be competitive. “I will support solutions to our traffic congestion that makes it easier and safer for parents to get to work. I will support common sense conservation that protects our beautiful county and helps our businesses. I will work continuously toward creating a true environment of connected belonging and prosperity that gives more people access to home ownership.” 


“I will do what it takes to assist the people of Snohomish County to reach their potential because it is the people, not politics, that will drive Snohomish county forward as the best county in the state.”

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