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A little about Anna.


   Anna is a  Leadership Coach and Speaker partnered with the #1 Leadership expert in the world - John C. Maxwell.

   Through her one on one coaching and leadership courses she will help you find your unique gifts as a leader and stand in your power so that you can take action to achieve results.

  Anna is an accomplished speaker, with an opportunity to speak on the TEDx stage, as well as an international trainer.  She is also a sought after TEDx speaker coach who helps individuals find their voice, build their confidence and influence others.


Leadership Coach, Business Coach, Leadership Trainer, Corporate Trainer, Executive Coach, Small Business Coach, Direct Sales Trainer

My children are my biggest teachers. They keep me moving forward and keep me on my toes every day.

We all carry individual strengths and passions.  And, at some point in our lives, we all seem to question what that uniqueness is - what our purpose is.  As I grew up, I felt empowered by my dad.  He simply believed in me so deeply and I could feel it.  I was energized by it.  Around him, I was so fearless.  I never questioned my life or my purpose. I had a confidence that propelled me toward whatever it was I wanted.

But that wouldn’t last. We all have our own stories to tell. Mine, to be brief, is that just days after I graduated from college, my dad was tragically taken from this earth.  That was the day I began to let go of my power.  I simply forgot to believe in the person I wanted to become.


My voice kept trying to re-assert herself.  I kept forging ahead and clawing my way forward.  I discovered that while I was running my businesses and leading award-winning teams, I was also building new strengths.  I remembered my tenacity.  It was the process that led me here.


I surround myself with the top leadership and personal development experts in the world.  But it’s not just the business experience, awards, or education that qualify me to be your thinking partner.  It’s that I have been on this journey.  I know what it takes to discover and own your unique definition of success.  


I will help propel you into effective action.

Listen to what others have to say:
“Anna Rohrbough provides participants with the gift of introspection - the time and tools needed to examine their inner hopes and dreams in order to harness their passions and understand their strengths. Each person brings something unique to the table, and each is enlightened in his or her own way.  Who knew that sharing stories and ideas in a safe, small group setting would be so much fun!” -Mary Campbell, Sno-Isle Libraries
About Anna’s "Creating a Breakthrough" workshop.
“Anna Rohrbough is exceptional in the way she translates leadership concepts into actionable truths.  I have heard Anna speak, participated in her leadership course, and benefitted from her coaching.  Anna has provided me with insight, perspective, inspiration, and tools to be a healthier, more empowered leader.  She has pushed me to stand in my power, lifted me by sharing her influence, cheered me on by encouraging self care, and challenged me to accept criticism in stride.” -Rachel Kittle, Executive Director and Founder, Leadership Launch
“Anna has an amazing gift for leadership and compassion.  I love how she is helping me get to the heart of me. (Not an easy task.)  I highly recommend working with Anna if you are looking for direction in your life and business.” -Tracey L. Warren, Community Creator at The Social Playground and InSpark (a co-working co-op)
“Anna does a great job setting direction and vision, and communicating those ideas clearly.  She builds an environment where people feel a part of a team.  She leads with a positive, inclusive style that is very effective.” -Jim Stephanson, Economic Alliance Snohomish County
“Anna is a coach who really works to understand you and your business.  After a short session, I was able to repackage my services the way that was unique to me. - moving not only me, but my business forward.” -Kris Keppler, Narrator, writer, and funny story junkie.

Current Leadership Positions:


Mukilteo City Council Member 

The John Maxwell Team’s President    Advisory Council  

Board Member Sno-Isle Library Foundation

Managing Director eWomenNetwork   Greater Seattle/ Snohomish County Chapter



Education and Experience:


John Maxwell, Leadership guru, Certified Coach, Certified Trainer, Business Coach, Speaker, Leaderhsip Trainer, Team Building

National Best Selling Leadership Author and #1 Leadership Expert in the World:

John C. Maxwell

2018 PAC (President’s Advisory Council) 

2016 John C. Maxwell Leadership Foundation Certification of International Transformational Leadership

2015 Empowerment Mentoring Program Leader & Teacher

2014 President of AR Leadership LLC

2014  John Maxwell Team Mentorship Certification Award

2013 John Maxwell Team Certified Coach, Leadership Development & Speaker 

1995 The University of Washington

Double Major:  Economics and Political Science

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