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  • Mukilteo Councilmember (2017-2020)

  • Vice President of Mukilteo City Council for 2019

  • Represents Mukilteo City Council on the Puget Sound Regional Council Economic Development Board 2019

  • Appointed to serve on the Snohomish County Tomorrow Steering Committee 2019




  • Sno-Isle Library Foundation Board:

I have been serving as board member (2016-2020) on the Sno-Isle Library Foundation. I supported a five year $200,000 commitment to help fund the Mariner Library off 128th in Everett, allowing this under-served community to gain access to information and the internet while giving them a library to call home.

  • Economic Alliance Snohomish County (EASC): 

Member(2014-2019), and I served as Chair (2016-2017) of, the EASC Ambassadors. In 2018 I traveled with EASC leaders and other county wide influencers to D.C. to represent the county in their advocacy work. 

  • Mukilteo Chamber of Commerce Board:

I am member of (2014-2020), and served as a Board Member (2015-2017) of the Mukilteo Chamber of Commerce prior to being elected to the Mukilteo City Council. 



I graduated from the University of  Washington with degrees in both Economics and Political Science.
I have 20+ years of business experience which includes working with The John Maxwell Team (JMT) as a leadership trainer and coach. I taught transformational leadership, internationally, with founder John C. Maxwell, as well as serving as a member of the JMT President Advisory Council.  Traveling to Paraguay connected me to a new level of understanding of how we are all so truly connected no matter what country, nationality or other labels we use to define us.
I have been grateful to have my own TEDx talk and I truly enjoy helping other leaders find their unique speaking style and confidence to make an impact. 
I have had the privilege to train leaders, helping them see the grand vision for themselves and those they lead. I will use these proven leadership skills to create collaborative and an open relationship to you.

Anna teaching in  Paraguay

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Family and Home

I often get asked the question What is the anchor about? I am the proud daughter of a commercial fisherman, private pilot and entrepreneur. I certainly learned the importance and pay off of hard work and sacrifice. I lived in Alaska until I was 11 and when my dad started skippering the first catcher processor in this region, we moved to Kent so he could be closer to the headquarters of Arctic Alaska in Seattle. Fishing and all that surrounded it was a huge part of my experience growing up.  Two weeks after I graduated from college in 1995, my dad passed suddenly from a freak accident.  My dad always told me “Being a woman doesn’t define you, who you are and how hard you work defines you.” For years I wanted to get a tattoo to honor him. When I finally did, I chose an anchor. He was and continues to be an anchor in my life and showed me how to be an anchor in my own.  I have chosen an anchor as the logo for this campaign because I am anchored in the future of our United States.
My husband of 21 years and I are now raising two active kids of our own. Harrison (19) is entering his second year of college at Cal Poly. He is an avid and accomplished premier soccer player and quiet leader among his peers.  Ella (16) is entering her Junior year at Folsom High and enjoys soccer, hanging out with friends as well as her dogs Ozzie (11) and Hanalei, their lab puppy of two years. Nothing brings more joy to our family than the wags of their tails and their unconditional love.
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A few moments between my dad and I on his ship.

HighSchool Grad Night


My mom and brothers.


The best In-Laws